Germanic Languages | German Culture Studies II
G564 | 2824 | Michel Chaouli

G564: German Culture Studies II(3 CR)Michel Chaouli
Topic: Nation and Culture II
Section: 2824
02:30P-03:45P/ TR
BH 135

This course is meant to deepen and extend an exploration we began in
G 563 on the vexed relation of the ideas of nation and culture in
the history of the German lands. While our discussion there centered
on the compensatory work the concept of culture was asked to perform
in the absence of an actual German nation, this course will focus on
the demands placed on culture under very different historical
conditions. What function does Kultur have when the nation, once
forged, embarks on an expansionist course (1871-1945)? How is it
employed when two Germanys lay claim to culture's heritage? And what
role can culture be said to have played since 1990?

We will use a set of copied readings.