Germanic Languages | Historical Study of German Literature II
G573 | 2825 | Terence Thayer

G573:  Historical Study of German Literature II (3 CR)      T Thayer
Topic: “German Verse from Klopstock to Heine”
Section: 2825
04:00P-05:15P/ MW
BH 137

“German Verse from Klopstock to Heine”

This course consists of a systematic introduction to the analysis
and interpretation of German poetry integrated into an historical
overview of the German lyric between roughly 1740 and 1840.  No
prior study of poetry is presupposed.  The systematic component will
survey the basic categories, terminology, and procedures of lyric
text analysis, including versification; the historical part will
outline the main developmental stages of the German lyric from
Klopstock and Hagedorn  to Eichendorff, Mörike, and Heine.  Most
class meetings will focus on a single poem in coordination with
additional assigned readings on methodology and literary history.
Examples of verse writing in non-lyric genres may also be included.
Participants will thus be asked to read and study only a relatively
small number of literary texts, but these in close detail.
Participants will also be asked to serve at least once as discussion
leader, and to write one 4/6-page critical paper and one 10/12-page
paper incorporating limited library research.  Grading formula:
critical paper = 20%; research paper = 40%; contributions to
discussion = 40%.  The class will be conducted in English.

Required books:

a course reader available at Collegiate Copies, 1434 East Third

Binder, Alwin, et al.  Einführung in Metrik und Rhetorik.
Monographien Literaturwissenschaft, 	No. 11.  3rd ed.
Königstein/Taunus: Scriptor Verlag, 1980.  Authorized photocopies of
this out-of-print book will be on sale in the IU/IMU bookstore, and
should also be available in the TIS bookstore, 1302 East Third

Hinderer, Walter, ed.  Geschichte der deutschen Lyrik vom
Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart.  2nd ed.  ISBN 3826019997

Recommended book:

Duden - Deutsches Universalwörterbuch.  5th ed.  ISBN 3411055057