Germanic Languages | History of German Literature IV
G577 | 2826 | Claudia Breger

G577: History of German Literature IV (3 CR) Claudia Breger
Topic: Colonialism – Postcolonialism – Globalization

Section: 2826
04:00P-05:15P/ TR
BH 135

In this course, we will approach 20th-century German literature by
focussing on (unequal) intercultural exchanges. In the first part of
the semester, we will talk about early 20th century colonial
literature (focussed on Africa), and about imperialism’s inflections
on the larger field of early 20th-century German literature and
culture. We will also discuss German orientalisms with regard to
their relation to imperialist structures of thought. Subsequently,
we will pursue these themes throughout the 20th century. We will
read important texts from postcolonial and globalization theory and
discuss how these approaches can be used for mapping later 20th-
century German literature – as a field marked by memories of the
Holocaust, by two German societies with different immigration
policies and complex discourses on ‘imperialism’/‘Third World’
issues, and by post-unification attempts to re-negotiate ‘German’
identities in the age of globalization.

This course is crosslisted with cultural studies. Lectures,
Discussion and theoretical readings will be in English; some of the
literary texts are available in English translation. Some reading
knowledge of German is, however, required.


Uwe Timm: Morenga. Roman. München: dtv, 2000, ISBN 3423127252 (or:
transl. Breon Mitchell. New Direction Publishing 2003, ISBN:

Yoko Tawada: Talisman. Tübingen: Konkursbuchverlag, 1996. ISBN

Emine Sevgi Özdamar: Die Brücke vom Goldenen Horn. Köln: Kiepenheuer
& Witsch, 2002 (paperback; ISBN: 3462031805). (Not yet translated,
could possibly be substituted by earlier translated work of the
author on an individual basis).

Tristesse Royale. Das popkulturelle Quartett mit Joachim Bessing,
Christian Kracht, Eckhart Nickel, Alexander v. Schönburg und
Benjamin v. Stuckrad-Barre. Berlin: Ullstein, 1999/2001. ISBN:

A course reader (probably on e-reserve).