Germanic Languages | Old Icelandic Literature
G636 | 2827 | Kari Gade

G636:  Old Icelandic Literature(3 CR) Kari Gade
Section: 2827
04:00P-05:15P/ MW
BH 148

Medieval Icelandic poetic and prose literary texts: history of the
literature. During the semester, we will focus on sagas and smaller
stories that will be read/translated in class (including the
accompanying skaldic and eddic stanzas). Special attention will be
paid to linguistic peculiarities. The course will also contain an
overview of the history of Old Norse literary scholarship in
general. There will be no exams, but a final paper is required
(topics to be discussed). Students will be expected to give oral
presentations o he secondary sources on the reading list

Prerequisite: G635 or the equivalent.

Book: Zoega, Geir. A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic. Oxford:
Clarendon, 1910. Rpt. 1975.