Spanish and Portuguese | Luso-Brazillian Colloquium
P695 | 4145 | D. Sadlier

Professor Darlene Sadlier

P695	Luso-Brazillian Colloquium
	Topic: Imagining Brazil: Representations of the Nation

TR 4:00  5:15pm/section #4145/3 cr./Ballantine Hall 231

This course will examine texts and other documents that map the
national imaginary from 1500 until the present. Primary texts
include chronicles, letters, the novel, poetry and film. Secondary
materials include maps, woodcuts, engravings, and paintings. The
course will make use of rare books and other materials from the C.R.
Boxer and Mendel collections at the Lilly.

All students will write a midterm and final exam and a research
paper (10-12pp for graduates and 6-8pp for undergraduates) on a
topic to be discussed with the instructor. Students will also give
an in-class presentation on the results of their research.

This course is given jointly with P495 (Honors) and P498.