Spanish and Portuguese | Introduction to Expository Writing in Spanish
S312 | 4301 | Professor Reyes Vila-Belda

S312 Introduction to Expository Writing in Spanish (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S310 or equivalent

The goals of the course are to encourage students to think and write
critically, and to expose them to readings from other cultures. This
course integrates the four basic language skills into a structural
approach to composition in Spanish. Some review of selected points
of Spanish grammar will be included. Each student will be expected
to write several compositions, increasing in length as the semester
progress. Emphasis will be on correct usage, vocabulary building,
and stylistic control. Students will receive constructive feedback
on their writing from other class peers as well as from the
instructor. The class will be conducted entirely in Spanish.

S312 #4301 1:25P-2:15P MWF  BH241 Prof. Reyes Vila-Belda