Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 4311 | Professor Maryellen Bieder

S331 The Hispanic World I   (3 credits)
Prerequisites:  S310 or equivalent


An introduction to the study of contemporary literary texts from
Spanish America. Readings include a selection of short stories,
poems, and a novel by such internationally best-selling authors as
Rosario Castellanos, Isabel Allende, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel
García Márquez, and Julio Cortázar. Class discussion will emphasize
reading comprehension, elements of literary analysis, and the social
and historical context of the literary texts. Daily reading
assignments, essays, and written examinations. We will also see and
discuss at least one movie. Daily attendance and daily participation
in class discussion are required. The course is taught in Spanish
with readings, discussion, essays, and exams in Spanish. Students
should own and utilize a full-sized, hardbound Spanish-English
English-Spanish dictionary.
Requisitos: Completion of S310 or S311
A love of reading.

S331  #4311  AUTH  1:25P-2:15P   MWF  BH221  Prof. Maryellen Bieder

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