Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 9704 | Anthony Grubbs

S331 The Hispanic World I (3 credits)
Prerequisite: S310 or S311 or equivalent
Credit given for only two of the following: S331, S332, S333

S331 is an introduction to Hispanic culture through literature. By
reading texts from a variety of literary genres, including the
novel, short story, poetry, and drama, we will not only experience
the diversity of Spanish American culture but also develop skills
for analyzing literary texts. We will periodically incorporate music
and film into our readings, exploring how each medium effectively
transmits the personal expression of the artist within the context
of their historical and cultural tradition.

The class will be taught in Spanish. The aims of the course include
improving students’ reading, writing, and oral expression in
Spanish; widening their cultural horizons; and making them more
receptive readers. Course requirements include daily reading
assignments and participation, frequent homework, a midterm and
final exam, three compositions, and quizzes.

Required Texts:
Gianetti, Louis. Understanding Movies.
Sábato, Ernesto. El túnel.
Usigli, Rodolfo. El gesticulador.
Virgilio, C. et al., eds. Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura
hispánica. 4th ed.

S331    #9704     2:30P-3:45P    TR    BH141      Anthony Grubbs