Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World II
S332 | 4316 | Professor Juan Carlos Conde

S332 The Hispanic World II  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S331 or equivalent

Study of Hispanic literature and culture through the analysis and
discussion of representative literary works written by Spanish
authors. The coursework includes, besides the close reading and
analysis of the texts, an introduction to narrative, lyric and drama
as literary genres, and some reflections on the methodology and
techniques of literary analysis. The texts that we will read and
study in this section are: Miguel de Unamuno’s Niebla;Antonio Buero
Vallejo’s El tragaluz; and poems of Antonio Machado. The final grade
will be based on a final exam, and on a number of papers. Active and
explicit class participation will count decisively toward the final
grade.  The course will be taught in Spanish.

Credit given for only two of the following: S331, S332, S333.

S332  #4316  10:10A-11:00A   MWF  BH237  Prof. Juan Carlos Conde