Spanish and Portuguese | Modern Spanish Prose Fiction
S419 | 4322 | Professor Reyes Vila-Belda

S419  Modern Spanish Prose Fiction  (3 credits)        LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  Must have completed two of the following:  S331,
S332, S333

Narrating the city in the Contemporary Spanish Novel

In this course we will discuss the city as an urban metaphor, from
the small rural ghost town to the provincial city to the
cosmopolitan capital. We will consider the different cultural,
social, political, and literary aspects of the city as a text. An
array of literary novels and films will help us to map the recent
history and transformation of Spain from the Civil War through
Franco’s dictatorship to the postmodern Spain of the European Union.
We will explore issues of national identity, power, gender identity,
consumerism and historical memory. Readings will include works by
Julio Llamazares, Carmen Martín Gaite, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, and
Juan Marsé, among others.

The course will be conducted entirely in Spanish. Requirements
include active participation, a class presentation, two short papers
and a final one.

S419  #4322  11:15A-12:05P  MWF  BH144   Prof. Reyes Vila-Belda

NOTE:  This course meets jointly with HISP S498, Readings for
Honors.  Students wishing to receive credit for honors work must
register for this course under the rubric of READINGS FOR HONORS,
S498, section #4330.