Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Literature & Society
S474 | 4327 | Professor Gustavo Sainz

S474 Hispanic Literature & Society (3 credits)    LITERATURE
Prerequisite: Must have completed two of the following: S331, S332,

Topic: Politics, Ideology and Language in Twentieth-Century Spanish
American Literature

This course is designed to introduce the advanced undergraduate
student to the political literature of Spanish America and to the
social context from which emerges. At the same time, analyses
aspects of the relationship between ideology and literature that are
underscored by the nature, imagery, form and power of the works
discussed. Students will take three exams and prepare a paper. They
will be evaluated on the basis of their exams, writing work, and
class participation. Students are required to have read and analyzed
carefully the texts assigned for each meeting.


Miguel Angel Asturias: El Señor Presidente; Gabriel García Márquez:
El Otoño del Patriarca; Augusto Roa Bastos: Yo el Supremo; Mario
Vargas Llosa: La Fiesta del Chivo; Julia Alvarez: En el Tiempo de
las Mariposas; Ariel Dorfman: La Muerte y la Doncella.

S474  #4327  8:00A-8:50A   MWF   BH217   Prof. Gustavo Sainz