Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Colloquium
S495 | 4329 | Professor James F. Lee

S495  Hispanic Colloquium  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S310 or equivalent for those students who
matriculated prior to Fall 2003.
S326 for those students who matriculate Fall 2003 or after.

Topic:  Spanish as a World Language

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the
different varieties of Spanish spoken in Europe, Asia, Africa, the
Americas, and the Caribbean.

The course consists of readings on Hispanic dialectology and
sociolinguistics, which we will discuss two days per week.  The
third day of class per week will be held in a language laboratory.
To expose students to Spanish as a world language,  we will listen
to interviews of such noted Chileans as Pablo Neruda  and Isabel
Allende, Argentinians Julio Cortazar, David Viñas and Mempo
Giardinelli, Mexicans Octavio Paz and Juan Rulfo, Puertorrican  Luis
Rafael Sanchez, Cuban Eliseo Diego, Nicaraguan Rubén Darío,
Uruguayan Mario Benedetti, Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa and Spaniard
Camilo José Cela (among others).

The last third of the course concerns Spanish in the United States:
influences, biculturalism, acculturation, immigration, and language

There will be three partial exams, a final and a project.  The
project requires each student to document the presence of Spanish in
Bloomington and/or in their lives.  We will create a display to be
shown in one of the glass displays on the ground floor of Ballantine
during the month of April.

S495   #4329    3:35P-4:25P   MW    BH236   Prof. James F. Lee
(Note Change)   3:35P-4:25P    R   in Computer Lab, BH 108

NOTE:  This course meets jointly with HISP S498, Readings for
Honors.  Students wishing to receive credit for honors work must
register for this course under the rubric of READINGS FOR HONORS,
S498, section #4331.