Spanish and Portuguese | Advanced Spanish Syntax
S611 | 1337 | J. Clancy Clements

Professor J. Clancy Clements

S611	Advanced Spanish Syntax

TR  8:00am  9:15am/section # 4337/3 cr./Ballantine Hall 315

The goals of this course are to provide students with: (1) a solid
understanding of some key issues in Spanish syntax from a cognitive-
functional-typological perspective, (2) analytical skills of
syntactic argumentation, (3) a good idea of how to write conference
abstracts, and (4) all the support necessary to produce an original
piece of research on a topic related to Spanish syntax.

This course takes as its points of departure: First, the notion of
Transitivity, as conceived and developed by Hopper and Thompson
(1980), and, second, the Causal Chain Hypothesis developed by
William Croft (1991).  Throughout the semester, we will study topics
such as the notions of topic-focus, speech acts, antecedent
relations in complex sentences, and relative and adverbial
connectives. Prerequisite S511 or its equivalent. Class time will be
used for the extensive discussion of the various recent articles
chosen for the course.  Attention will be given to the details of
the theoretical and empirical argumentation behind each issue.