Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in 20th-Century Spanish Literature
S640 | 4338 | M. Dinverno

Professor Melissa Dinverno

S640     Topics in 20th-Century Spanish Literature
Topic: Representing the Body in Post-Franco Spanish
Cultural Production

MW 2:30pm – 3:45pm/section #4338/3cr./Ballantine Hall 147

Since the death of Franco in 1975, Spain has undergone immense
political, socio-economic, and cultural transformations.  These
shifts and changes have been mediated by a boom in cultural
production that, to a large extent, has figured the body as a space
of contention, particularly regarding national and personal
identity.  This course will look at the way the body has been
represented in Spanish cultural production of the past twenty-nine
years and the way these representations (re)produce discourses on
identity, politics, and social plight.  Moving from the 'destape' of
the national body to the exoticized immigrant, we will consider the
ways that writers and filmmakers have constructed a gendered, sexed,
victimized, and/or politicized body in order to tell stories about
transformations in national and personal identity.  Alternately
celebrating and mourning its fate, these writers and directors
engage the body in ways that have left an indelible mark on
contemporary Spanish culture both within and beyond the country’s

Class discussion is in Spanish.  Evaluation will most likely be
based on at least one oral presentation, a few short analytical
papers and a longer final paper.