History | U.S. Working Class & Labor History
A100 | 2951 | Ashby

Above section meets with LSTU L101

Most history textbooks are crammed with stories of presidents,
generals, and captains of industry. Where are the chapters about the
working people whose lives and efforts built this country? This
course seeks to fill in the gaps and silences of American history as
most of us have learned it. The course will offer a survey of the
origin and development of the American labor movement from colonial
times to the present.  The struggle of working people to achieve
dignity and security will be examined from social, economic, and
political perspectives, and through the lenses of race and gender. 
The course will involve extensive classroom discussion, videos, and
debates. Assigned readings include "Strike!" by Jeremy Brecher
and "A People’s History of the U.S." by Howard Zinn.  Grading will
primarily be based on take-home essay exams.  This course is joint-
listed as Labor Studies L101 American Labor History.