History | American History II
H106 | 2919 | Sandweiss

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In 1863, Abraham Lincoln asked the mourners at Gettysburg,
Pennsylvania, to attend to the nation's "unfinished work."  Lincoln
was talking about more than the incomplete Civil War; he was
describing a larger experiment, begun nearly a century earlier, to
establish liberty in a new nation. 
This is a course about that experiment.  How have Americans since
the conclusion of the Civil War responded to Lincoln's charge?  Can
our work ever truly be "finished"?  To answer these questions, we
examine key moments in Americans’ ongoing struggle for life,
liberty, and happiness—a struggle that recommenced in 1865 and
continues, in our own lives, today.
Course requirements include three short essays, a midterm, and a
final.  Students will read approximately 40-60 pages per week and
should come prepared to discuss that reading in weekly section