History | Seminar in Gender and Sexuality
H760 | 3038 | Meyerowitz

Above section open to majors only


In this graduate seminar, students will write 25-35 page essays
based on research in primary sources.  In the first third of the
course, we will read a variety of scholarly articles and book
chapters on the history of sexuality in the nineteenth and twentieth
centuries.  Students will also complete a series of short research
assignments, geared toward choosing topics for and conducting
research on the longer essay.  In the second third of the course,
students will complete research for their longer essays, write first
drafts, and read each othersí writings.  In the final third of the
course, students will edit and rewrite their essays.  This course
meets the seminar requirement for majors in the history of gender
and sexuality field, but it is also open to other graduate students
interested in the history of sexuality.

Readings (to be announced) will provide historiographic background
in the history of sexuality and serve as models for student essays.
They will emphasize public contests over sexuality in the nineteenth
and twentieth centuries and cover a range of geographic areas.

Students are required to participate actively in class discussions,
complete all research and writing assignments, provide constructive
critiques of other studentsí draft essays, and write and rewrite the
25-35 page essay.   Students will be encouraged to use the archival
collections at the Kinsey Institute.