History | Seminar in African History
H795 | 3041 | Martin

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About 40% of Africans now live in cities and some demographers
estimate that close to 60% of the continent’s population will live
in urban
areas by 2025. Clearly, this is a topic worth exploring since it
involves the future of so many on the continent, many of them
children and young people. The course will have a historical
orientation but, in the African Studies tradition, it will also be
interdisciplinary and will include speakers from various research
fields. We will take up issues such as what constituted an urban
settlement or “city” in precolonial Africa, cities as planned
space/constructed landscapes in colonial and postcolonial times, the
emergence of identities in an urban context, and cities as arenas of
cultural transformations. Students may take the class for 1-3 hours
credit (G731) or 4 hours credit (H795). Writing requirements will
vary according to the number of hours for which students enroll.
Please consult Professor Martin for further details. Speakers may be
available (depending on travel arrangements, etc) from 9-10 a.m. on
Thursday morning for further discussion with students, but meeting
with speakers at this time is not a class requirement.