History | Perpetrators of the Holocaust
J300 | 2998 | Roseman

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In earlier decades of the post-war period, those seeking to
understand the 'Final Solution' often understandably focused their
attention on the figure of Hitler himself. But increasingly interest
has shifted to the men (and they were very largely men) involved at
all levels in developing and realizing genocide.  Over 100,000
individuals were in some way or other participants in the murders of
the Holocaust.  A smaller but still substantial group of SS
Officials, Party bureaucrats, civil servants, military leaders and
others planned and directed the Final Solution in Berlin or
orchestrated the killings in the field.  How should we characterize
their involvement - how much responsibility and autonomy was enjoyed
by different groups and at different levels?  And how can we explain
this widespread participation in murder?  What challenges await us
in seeking to enter the mind of the perpetrator?  How have
successive generations of historians sought to understand them?
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