Honors | Public Speaking - Honors
C130 | 1119 | J. Andrews

9:30-10:45A  MW  SY 0009

A fundamental assumption of this course is that the aim of a liberal
education is to prepare students to engage in civic, professional,
intellectual, and commercial pursuits ethically and effectively. Doing
so requires the ability to communicate significant ideas to audiences
as well as to evaluate ideas that are presented by others--to be, in
other words, a proficient, capable producer and consumer
of communication. Accordingly, C130 focuses on understanding and
adapting to the needs of audiences, the critical analysis of ideas,
carrying out research and gathering and evaluating evidence,
organizing material, and clearly presenting ideas orally. The central
activity of the class will be the preparation and presentation of
speeches, most of which will be videotaped. Students will give
speeches designed to gain audience understanding (informative
speeches) and speeches designed to reinforce community values, gain
agreement with controversial ideas, and induce action (persuasive
speeches). Students will also prepare and deliver a special occasion
speech, choosing from a speech of introduction, a speech of tribute,
an acceptance speech, a speech of inspiration, or an after-dinner
speech. The basic requirements of students in the class are to: attend
every class meeting; complete assignments by the date due and
participate in class discussions, take a written examination based on
readings in the text and class lectures/discussions, give four
speeches in class on the day assigned, conforming to the requirements
for each speech, and serve as Chair for one round of speeches.
Although it is important to study the text as assigned, much of the
reading in the course will be devoted to research related to speech