Honors | Communities - Perfect & Imperfect
H203 | 0008 | K. Hanson

4:00-5:15PM  MW  SY 006

What would an ideal society be like? How would its members relate to
one another and to the physical world? Would the ideal state impose
any unwelcome restraints or require any personal sacrifices? Is there
an inevitable conflict between a human desire for happiness and a
human desire for freedom? Must individuality be diminished for
communal good? Are the problems of actual societies a product of
social structures or are they due to human nature?

In considering these and other questions about the nature of
communities, we will read works of political philosophy, utopian
literature, and cultural criticism. Among the writers and texts we
will study together are: Plato, The Republic; Aristotle, Politics;
More, Utopia; Rousseau, The Social Contract; Thoreau, Walden; H.G.
Wells, A Modern Utopia; C.P. Gilman, Herland; Freud, Civilization and
Its Discontents.