Honors | Detective Fiction in America, 1799 to Present
H203 | 0011 | P. Gutjahr

1:00-2:15P  TR  BH 141

This course will explore how one literary genre within American
culture has been used by authors, publishers, audiences, movie makers
and social commentators as a means of critically analyzing American
society. By looking at a wide range of detective fiction in the United
States, we will seek insights into the American cultures which
produced and received these texts and how those cultures used those
texts to comment on, and explain, various aspects of the larger
American society including issues of race and ethnicity, political
power and its institutions, regionalism, religion, fashion, various
media forms, and class relations. The course will begin with Edgar
Allan Poe and move thrugh contemporary detective writers. Two to three
papers, a great deal of reading, and frequent pop quizzes will be part
of the course.