Honors | The Rhetorical Presidency
H204 | 0015 | J. Andrews

10:10-11:00A MWF  WI 109

This coourse focuses on how presidential communication has functioned
over time to direct policy, influence national values, shape national
identity, imterpret our history, and affect the political process. We
will examine and analyze presidential messages over time, the
communication context in which they occurred, and the ways that
contemporary communication media have influenced the nature of those
messages. We will also address the issue of how and to what extent our
political culture both reflects and is shaped by presidential
communication. Since the course in the spring of 2004 will coincide
with the presidential primaries, we will give some special attention
to presidential campaigning.

Readings will include: Carol Gelderman, All the Presidents' Words: The
Bully Pulpit and the Creation of the Virtual Presidency (1997),
Roderick P. Hart, Seducing America: How Television Charms the Modern
Voter (1999), Shawn J. Parry-Glies and Trevor Parry-Giles, Construcint
Clinton: Hyperreality and Presidential Image-Making in Postmodern
Politics (2002), a reading packet with seletions from other books and
articles, and selected presidential speeches.

Classes will typically include short lectures, discussions of
questions based on the assigned readings and viewing and discussing
tapes (of, for example, documentary material, speeches, campaign ads).
Participation in class discussion, short written papers based on the
readings, and a final essay are required.