Honors | The Great Books & the Cinema
H303 | 0021 | L. Davila

9:30-10:45A  TR  LH 019

	This seminar will involve discussing the perrenial question of
how might one properly judge a movie which is based on a narrative,
which has already appeared in print as either a short story or a
novel. We will ask why is it that people almost always say that the
movie was not as good as the book.

	For that reason we will also ask what is it that occurs when
we go from "words to images," that is what occurs in the translation
of texts to movies. Is the comparison or contrast fair?  How much
liberty is permissible in the adaptation of a text?  What role does
the music play? And conversely, how has the cinema affected the
writing of modern and postmodern narratives?  These are questions we
will pose in our seminar, and others too.

	Readings and screenings from Austen, Steinbeck, Conrad,
Dickens, Fielding, Fuentes, Malcom Lowry, Bronte and from various
other writers will be the subject matter we shall treat, discuss and
debate. A good intellectual and pleasureable time is likely to be held
by all.

					Luis Dávila