Honors | Spanish Grammar & Composition
S275 | 4279 | M. Diaz-Campos

2:30-3:20P  MWF  BH 238

This course serves as a bridge between the S200 and S300 levels and is
designed to increase proficiency in Spanish in the four skills areas:
listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Students will use Hispanic
culture as a thematic focus in developing these skills. A variety of
texts, conversational materials, and audiovisuals will be used in the
course. The format of the course includes a discussion of readings and
assigned topics, focused writing, and the writings of compositions.
Evaulation is based on quizzes, tests, and oral presentations. This
course is required to minor and major unless the student tested into
the 300-level. S275 can be applied to the COAS culture studies