Honors | Science and Religion
X338 | 3059 | M. Dickson

11:15am-12:30pm TR  WB 114

How are religion and science related? Can scientific conclusions be
used to argue for or against claims in religion? Can religious
convictions be appealed to in science? How is the method of science
related to the method of religion, or theology? In this class, we will
examine these, and other questions, with an aim towards a careful and
open discussion of the issues that they raise. We will examine those
issues from two points of view: historical, and contemporary. We will
look at some episodes from the history of science, such as the
Scientific Revolution and the reception of Darwin's theory of
evolution, and discuss how science and religion interacted in these
episodes. We will also look at contemporary material, especially from
contemporary physics and biology, and discuss how science and religion
might be interacting in those cases too. The reading for the class
will consist mostly of books, to include Ian Barbour's book Science
and Religion. Major assigments will include a take-home mid-term and a
final paper, with other minor assignments interspersed.