Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Advanced Emergency Care
H511 | 6563 | Trent Applegate

In this course the opportunity exist to become an Authorized
Instructor for the American Red Cross.  This is not only helpful for
future employment, but you can be a meaningful volunteer for your
community.  Many job opportunities involve being the Instructor for
other employees and being authorized can give you a step up in the
job market.  Along with becoming an Authorized Instructor you are
also expected to assist with the H160 First Aid labs.  Some of your
responsibilities include:

Consulting with students, using and preparing lesson plans and teach
certain units, being able to assemble, maintain, and repair
cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment, demonstrate the
characteristics required of an ARC representative and role model,
demonstrate applicable first aid, CPR, and AED skills at an
appropriate level of performance, ensuring H160 student health and
safety during training, and learning how to maintain complete and
accurate records and reports.