International Studies | GLOBAL ENVIR ISSUES
I300 | 3080 | Zlotin R

The intersection of biology and geography is a relatively new
approach to understanding life on our planet and the problems
associated with environmental protection has taken on an
increasingly important role in international relations.  Air, water,
and land degradation results in ecological problems that transcend
national boundaries.  This course addresses a wide range of
biogeographic issues such as contemporary issues of global
environmental change; the components of the global environment; the
evolution of the natural environment; global patterns of
biodiversity; man as a destabilizing factor in the earth's
environment; and the probable future of the global environment.
During the course of the semester, issues such as air pollution,
acid rain, global warming, ozone layer depletion, melting polar ice
caps, the rise in sea levels, freshwater scarcity and pollution,
agricultural land degradation, desertification, drying of wetlands,
biological species and community extinction, alien species invasion,
and threats to indigenous peoples will be analyzed in