Liberal Arts and Management Program | Mathematical Models For Decision Making In Business
L316 | 3123 | Dan Maki

Course Activities: There will be problem sets, two examinations, and
a team project required of all students. The problem sets and
examinations will be based on the lectures in class. These lectures
will take place in January, February, and March, and they will
provide important tools for work on the projects. The month of April
will be largely devoted to student presentations and discussions
related to the team projects. Each team will be expected to give both
a final oral report in class and final written report to the
instructors of the class and to the sponsor of the project.

Information about Projects: The team projects are a very important
part of the course. Teams are usually of size 4 or 5, but
occasionally they are as small as 2 or as large as 6. The goals of
the projects are as follows:

1. To provide a service to the company proposing the project.
2. To provide the students with experiences:

a. in using the quantitative methods discussed in class in a real
world setting,
b. in working with representatives of industry, and
c. in making both oral and written presentations to a general

Projects often require some visits to the client company, and
representatives of the company will be invited to the oral
presentation. You are not working for the company and you are not an
intern at the company, and we recognize that you will be taking a
full load of other courses. However, it may be necessary to arrange
times to meet at the company and with your teammates to be sure the
project is completed on time. The team project is the single most
important activity of the course.