Liberal Arts and Management Program | Capitalism And Its Critics
L416 | 3126 | Tim Tilton

Ever craved to read the “great books” about capitalism? Here’s your
chance. This course aims to draw together students’ experience in
LAMP by examining the theoretical underpinnings of a capitalist
economy. We will read part or all of Adam Smith The Wealth of
Nations, Marx Capital (vol. I), Schumpeter Capitalism, Socialism and
Democracy, Tawney Equality, Keynes The General Theory of Employment,
Interest, and Money, Galbraith The Affluent Society, Hayek The Road
to Serfdom, Dahl A Preface to Economic Democracy, and Hawken, Lovins,
and Lovins Natural Capitalism, and some smaller pieces. Students
should emerge from the course knowing a good deal more about
capitalism and the ideological debates surrounding it than they did
previously and they should have a sense of how the larger issues of
capitalism’s legitimacy affect individual firms. Assignments will
consist of a series of essays and, if all goes well, a group project
focused on a case study