Leadership, Ethics and Social Action | Beyond the Sample Gates
L105 | 3116-3117 | Bergonzi or King

LESA L105 Beyond the Sample Gates (3 cr.) (Fulfills the Topics
requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences, S & H)

This is the introductory service-learning course for the minor in
Leadership, Ethics, and Social Action. Two hours weekly service

Course topics include models of community, diversity in community,
ethical decision-making, leadership, and social action. Multiple
perspectives on community and service will be critically examined.
Service in a community organization becomes another text used with
assigned readings, dialogue, visits from community leaders, and
student experience, as a basis for reflective learning and critical

For more information, please contact lesa@indiana.edu or see the
website at http://www.iub.edu/~college/lesa.shtml.