Living-Learning Center | Volcanoes Seminar
L100 | 9450 | Hamburger

This course is a prerequisite for students interested in participating in the two-
week (3 cr) field course, Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada (GEOL
G188/LLC L130) during Summer 1. The 15-day field excursion to the Sierra
Nevada is planned for May 22 - June 5, where a group of 14 to 18
undergraduate students will learn about the geology and natural history of the
Sierra Nevada mountain chain of eastern California. The course will focus on
the geological processes and natural history of one of the most geologically
and biologically dynamic parts of the continent, as well as the natural hazards
and environmental issues facing this unique and environmentally sensitive
area of the western U.S. For more information and to obtain authorization,
students must apply on-line at