Living-Learning Center | Animal Awareness
L100 | 9637 | Wilson

In this course we will examine the important role that animals play in human
society and reflect on why animals matter to us.  The course will be divided
into three segments: cross-cultural representations of animals in folklore and
popular culture, the animal welfare and rights movements, and attitudes about
animals as they relate to nature and the environment.
	This class is a service learning course; students will fulfill the service
requirement by committing to work for the Bloomington Animal Shelter or the
Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Centerpoint, Indiana. A central goal of the
class is to enable students to become more conscious of the ways that
humans think about and interact with animals and to learn about the practical
issues that animal advocacy organizations face. Another goal is to encourage
students to become more sensitive to the positions and perspectives of
others, especially as they relate to differing cultural attitudes regarding