Living-Learning Center | Native Traditions of the Andes
L200 | 9922 | Tandioy

This course explores the rich tapestry of indigenous traditions in the Andes
region of South America. Native peoples of the Andes are renowned for their
festivals and carnivals, food ways, storytelling, music and dance, arts and
crafts, and traditional medicine. This course will focus on the Ingas of
southwestern Columbia, a large community of Quechua-speaking Indians. Mr.
Tandioy, a member of this community, has been active in projects to preserve
this important cultural heritage. The course will include various media
presentations, and hands-on experiences of Andean traditions, with real
Andean cooking, live concerts, and other activities. Mr. Tandioy is fluent in
English and no knowledge of Spanish or Quechua is needed.