Living-Learning Center | Coming to America
L210 | 1042 | Shere

This is a literature course focused on the literature of immigration, or as I like
to call them, “narratives of arrival.”  We will read several novels, short stories,
and memoirs to explore how immigrants to the United States and migrants
within the United States have written about their experience. For many, the
word “immigrant” evokes past-bound images of ragged passengers gazing up
in wonder at the Statue of Liberty. But from the “illegal” immigration of Cubans
and Mexicans to nation-wide suspicion of Arab immigrants in the wake of
September 11 and during the war in Iraq, immigration and its surrounding
issues are still very much with us today. In this course we will complicate the
standard immigration---Americanization-acculturation-assimilation story by
looking comparatively at immigration narratives from a variety of literary
perspectives. Students will also interview and write analytical biographies
about actual immigrants to the United States who live in Bloomington and
surrounding areas.