Living-Learning Center | Reading and Writing Sonnets
L210 | 9451 | Ford

Studying poetry gives us insight into life; creating poetry deepens our
experience of life, compelling us to gauge our human dignity.  The sonnet has
challenged and inspired poets for over 600 years; studying how poets have
experimented with this one poetic form will enhance our understanding of the
power and subtlety of language.  Every two weeks students will write their
own sonnets, experimenting with the formís complexity and recording their
artistic development in a journal.  Students will present their work for class
discussion, and a web site will showcase each studentís poetry throughout
the semester.  The seminar culminates with the Poetry Notebook, containing
the studentís poetry and journal, as well as a critical introduction written by
another class member.  A formal poetry reading and reception will end the
semesterís work