Living-Learning Center | Homer Sapiens
L220 | 1046 | Kerchner

Using anthropological concepts and theories, the class will use episodes from
The Simpsons to explore and analyze modern life in the United States. Topics
to be examined include religion, gender, sexuality, class systems, ethnic
diversity, economic and environmental issues, ritual, myth, aging and death,
folklore, and culture and its relationship to personality, power, marriage and
family, diet, violence, and worldview. These will be placed in context with
examples from other cultures around the globe to reveal the diversity of
human lifeways. This wide range of topics allows students to not only connect
theories and concepts from the texts to specific cultural phenomena
happening in the world around them, but through individual assignments to
pick those which they have the most passion for and use their critical thinking
skills to analyze and interpret them in relation to other societies