Living-Learning Center | Gender and Violence
L220 | 1047 | Enck

Over the decades, considerations of what constitutes violence and gender
have become more complicated, however real people continue to suffer.
Overlapping matrices of gender, sex, sexuality, race, class and ability operate
in ways that simultaneously offer liberation while maintaining a social order
favoring the few at the expense of the many. At the core of this course is the
assumption that social meaning is constructed and circulated through a
cultural media. We will blend “high” theory (e.g., journal articles) with “low”
culture (e.g., MTV, pornography) to explore the ways in which they are
mutually reinforcing and challenging. We will be doing creative, provocative,
and challenging work – we will be seeking moments of productive creation as
we attempt to deconstruct dominant cultural (re)productions of meaning. You
will be expected to participate fully and bring your experiences to the table –
they are important for the fullest interrogation of these issues