Living-Learning Center | Energy: Science, Policy
L320 | 1048 | Bent

Current patterns of energy use in the United States and other developed
countries are without question unsustainable. The insatiable American
appetite for fossil fuels creates numerous problems: it increases pollution,
contributes to global warming, subjects us to major price fluctuations, and has
major influence on U.S. foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East, home to
roughly two-thirds of the world’s proven oil reserves. In this interdisciplinary
seminar course, we will study global energy and environmental problems
from a wide range of perspectives, with emphasis on understanding how the
different disciplinary approaches are interrelated. The course will be based
on the recent book Energy: Science, Policy, and the Pursuit of Sustainability,
edited by Robert Bent, Lloyd Orr, and Randall Baker of Indiana University. For
a brief description of this book and an overview of what topics the seminar will
cover, see (search on Robert Bent or the title of the
book) and (Bent’s personal web page).

Students must sign up for one of the following times through Catherine
Hawkes ( to meet with Professor Bent for

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 11:00-1:00 and 4:00-6:00
Wednesday, Oct. 29, 11:00-1:00 and 4:00-6:00
Monday, Nov. 3, 9:00-11:00 and 3:00-5:00
Tuesday, Nov. 4, 9:00-11:00 and 3:00-5:00