Living-Learning Center | Mediating Queerness
L320 | 1049 | Bennett

During the last half-century the medium of television has strongly influenced
the manner in which people understand sexual minorities and their lives.
From stereotypical depictions of transsexuals on talk shows to the buff gay
men of the Real World, television continues to shape the manner in which
American culture understands, oppresses, and embraces members of the
LGBT community. This course will probe the complex relationship that
television has to the production of sexuality and its reception by viewing
audiences. Mediating Queerness evolves in three significant manners during
the semester. First, it examines competing theories of sexuality and visibility,
concentrating on various perspectives of mediated identity. Second, it focuses
specifically on how television is used as a form of disciplining sexual
minorities. Finally, the class emphasizes how media can be used
productively, in the service of queer identities and the freedoms that they