Latin American Studies | CONTEMPORARY MEXICO
L500 | 9579 | Guardino, P.

Above section open to graduates only.
Above section meets with LTAM L400 and HIST F346

This course will introduce the major themes of Mexican social and
political history from Mexican independence to the present day, but
it will concentrate on the 20th century.  It will stress social
movements and their consequences in making Mexico the place it is
today.  We will pay particular attention to social history, including
that of women.  We will end the course with a look at the increasing
variety of connections between the lives of ordinary Mexicans and
ordinary Americans. We will also work on analytical and communication

We will use the textbook El Gran Pueblo, by Colin MacLachlan and
William Beezley, but we will supplement it with several shorter
readings and three monographs.

Students will complete two exams and write five short papers.