Music | Introduction to Performance Practice
M510 | 8615 | D. Fader

M510: Introduction to Performance Practice
Or "How did they do it back then, and why does it matter?"

Professor: Don Fader
Meets: T/Th 1-2:15
Section: 8615

This course is designed for musicians who are not "early music
specialists," but who are curious about the connection between style
and performance.  The course offers students the opportunity to delve
into details of historical performance practice and also to consider
how these issues apply to their own musical lives and to contemporary
musical culture in a non-judgmental atmosphere of critical thought
and open discussion.  We will emphasize music of the period 1600-
1800, with some coverage of the Medieval, Renaissance, Romantic and
Modern eras.  We begin by considering general issues relating to the
contemporary performance of music of the past: the role of the
performer, the score and its editor, concepts of "authenticity," and
the roots of the historical performance movement.  The body of the
course then focuses on various influences of performance on style:
technique, performance context, tuning and pitch, sound, concepts of
phrasing, ornamentation, notation, aesthetics, and instrument
construction, among other topics.  Readings will be both from
contemporary writings and period sources.

Prerequisite: M541/542 or equivalent, or permission of instructor

Course requirements: class discussion, two exams, one short (8-10
page) paper.