Music | The Music of India
T410 | 8760 | L. Rowell

An introduction to the music and musical traditions of the Indian
subcontinent: raga and tala (melody and rhythm) in modern Hindustani
and Carnatic music, instruments, drumming, singing and song styles,
aesthetic principles, performance practice, social/cultural contexts,
and traditions of teaching and learning. The course will also examine
music for dance and the theater. sacred chant, folk and tribal
musics, and the philosophical, religious, and literary backgrounds
for Indian music. T410 will make extensive use of audio and video
recordings featuring some of India's greatest performing artists; the
course listening reserves will be available on-line. The course does
not require a reading knowledge of Western staff notation and is
therefore open to non-music majors, including ethnomusicology and
India Studies students. Prerequisite: junior standing or permission
of the instructor.