Music | Models of Music Cognition
T561 | 9628 | E. Isaacson

T561 Models of Music Cognition (section 9628)

Prof. Eric Isaacson
Simon 225A

Class Meetings
MF (NB!) 1:00-2:15, Simon 263

Course Description
A survey of cognitive models of music. Topics will include musical
grammars, Gestalt theory, neural network modeling, categorization,
cross-domain mapping, similarity, and segmentation. Musical domains
studied will include tonality, melody, musical form, atonality, and
rhythm and meter. The course will cover some basic elements of the
neurophysiology of music, but the primary emphasis will be on higher-
level cognitive structures, models, and processes.
It is hoped that the course will include students from both within
and outside of music, which will allow for collaborative discussion
involving “content experts” from both music (theory, education) and
areas such as cognitive science, linguistics, and computer science.
Students with current research interests or projects related to the
course topic will be encouraged to develop or build on those.

Readings (mainly from eReserves), class discussion, individual and
group presentations, and a final project/paper.

The ability to read music is required and an understanding of the
basic elements of music theory will be assumed. Some background in
psychology, cognitive science, or computer science helpful, but not
required. If you are unsure, contact the instructor.