Political Science | American Political Controversies
Y100 | 3682 | Osborn

	First 10 weeks only.
	If you sit down to watch CNN, pick up a newspaper, or even go
out to dinner with friends, chances are you will encounter debate
over a political controversy.  Are the media biased, and do they
influence politics too much?  What should the US do to continue to
fight terrorism?  What should America do to solve the language
barriers and economic strain caused by immigration?  None of these
controversies is easliy solved, and each is characterized by valid
opinions on opposing sides of the issue.  Moreover, the solutions
politicians propose to these controversies are more important than
ever due to the upcoming presidential election of 2004.  This class
takes an in-depth look at the three issues described above,
particularly in regard to their consequences for Election 2004.