Political Science | Comparative Political Satire
Y200 | 3708 | Nissen

	With the expansion of the internet and cable television, the
number of outlets for political discussion has increased greatly.  A
large number of these new voices are satirical in nature.  While
satire can be funny, it can often have a core of truth.  Sometimes,
this truth is something we do not want to hear or goes against the
grain of majority thought.  Satire can often be extremely critical of
a position and can even become offensive.
	This course is designed to train students how to analyze
satire and understand the political statement being made.  This will
be done by looking at satire throughout history and by examining
modern satire targeting various issues.  By the end of this course,
students should be able to laugh at satire and appreciate it on the
surface, but also understand what the satire is trying to say about