Political Science | Model European Union
Y351 | 3723 | Vurusic

This course offers students a unique opportunity to participate in a
conference that simulates a semi-annual meeting of the European Union
Council. Each student will play a role of a high political official
from a European Union (EU) country, and will be able to feel
first handedly all the constrains and pressures that real decision
makers face in such situations.  The conference will take place in
mid April on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis. Usually around 15
colleges and universities from all over the US participate in the
conference and the event is a great opportunity for political and
social networking that emulates the genuine EU Council conferences.
	In order to be prepared for the conference, the students will
learn history of the EU, the ways the principal EU policies work and
the structure of EU institutions. A great portion of the student
grade will be based on the quality of the student's participation in
the conference (35%-40%), while the rest of the grade will be
calculated on the basis of the quality of other traditional (midterm
exam) and practical assignments (the personal profile of the
represented politician, profile of the EU country the student will
represent, policy proposals for the conference). There will be no
final exam.