Psychology | Social Psychology
P320 | 9617 | Hirt, E

P320 - Preparation:  P101, P102, or P106.

Description:  Principles of scientific psychology applied to
individuals in social situations.

Format:  Mainly lecture, some discussion.

Important areas within subject:  Knowledge of the main theories and
research findings in social psychology, ability to evaluate theory and
research in social psychology, ability to apply knowledge from social
psychology to everyday life situations.

Tests and Grades:  There will be four objective exams, plus a series
of short idea papers, 2-3 pages in length.  The idea papers constitute
the equivalent of one test.  Exam questions are mostly multiple
choice; however there will be a couple of short answer questions
included.  All exams count; however, there will be the opportunity to
earn extra credit.

Availability of Instructor:  Office hours.  Students are welcome to
come at other times.  To ensure availability at other times,
appointments can be made.