Psychology | Marital Distress, Violence, and Therapy
P457 | 3846 | Holtzworth-Munroe

This course will cover: 1) empirical data on the correlates of
marital distress and the characteristics of maritally distressed
couples; 2) empirically validated marital therapy approaches and
issues related to treating couples; and 3) more detailed information
on couples experiencing marital violence.
	This course is a senior level seminar. Seminars are usually
smaller classes, in which students learn by reading intensely about a
subject of interest and through active class participation and
discussion of those readings. In seminars, students are actively
involved in class discussion and help one another, with guidance from
the professor, to answer questions and learn what is important about
each topic.
	Compared to other classes you may have taken, there will be
more readings, longer readings, and the readings will be at a harder
level. For example, you will read chapters and journal articles
written, by experts in the field, for professionals in the field (not
written for undergraduate students); you may be asked to read 4-6
such readings per week. It will be your job to synthesize and digest
the information in these readings and to consider the implications of