Psychology | Honors Thesis Research
P499 | 3866 | Sengelaub, D

P499 is a two semester sequence course designed to assist those
students engaged in Honors Thesis Research.  The student and their
research sponsor will bear the main responsibility for the research,
but this class will provide both an administrative structure as well
as an opportunity to present, discuss, and refine each student's
research project.  The research sponsor will help the student select
a project that has scientific merit and can be completed given the
available time and resources. However, students must take the major
initiative in developing the background for the project, designing
it, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data, and preparing
the research presentations andthe written honors thesis.

Class will meet only on prearranged days at the scheduled time.  At
those meetings, students will make oral presentations of their
research projects, or submit sponsor-approved drafts of sections of
the prospective thesis on scheduled dates.  A poster presentation of
the completed research project will also be required.  When the thesis
reaches its final form, the student will defend it orally before a
committee including the research sponsor, and two other faculty
members.  Once successfully defended, bound copies of the thesis are
required for the Psychology Department and the Honors Division.

Grading:  Most students take the two semesters of P499 for 3 to 6
credits per semester, for a maximum of 12 total credit hours.  A grade
of "R" (grade deferred) will be assigned for each semester until the
thesis is completed and defended.  When the student's committee
accepts the thesis, the "R" will be converted to a letter grade, which
will depend on the completion of class requirements, sponsor's
evaluation, and research presentation.  The department will then
certify the student to Graduate with Honors in Psychology.